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Math Testing Policy For ODSS Students


ODSS students who require the assistance of a simple calculator when taking Math tests will be required to provide written documentation to ODSS staff (in the form of a Psychological or a Neuropsychological Report) showing a functional limitation that supports a Math processing or calculating disability.  Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


  1. In order for a student to be permitted to utilize a simple calculator for Math testing (Computerized Placement Tests), students must provide a written Psychological or Neuropsychological report that supports a Math processing or calculating disability to an ODSS staff member.
  2. When the ODSS staff member determines that adequate documentation has been provided to support this accommodation (see Policy/Process for required documentation), a Math Testing Referral Form will be generated by the ODSS staff member.  This form will be dated and signed by the ODSS staff member, and a copy of the form will be sent electronically to the Assessment Center at the main campus.
  3. Without this form, the student will not be allowed to take a Math Placement test with the assistance of a simple calculator. (See Note below)
  4. Upon receipt of the completed Math Testing Referral Form, the Assessment Center staff will provide a simple calculator to the student to be used for the duration of the Math Placement test.
  5. The ODSS staff member will be responsible for indicating this Calculator Accommodation on the Instructor Memo for each semester for this student if a student requests this accommodation to carry over into his/her Instructor Memo.

Note: In cases where students requesting this accommodation may arrive at the Assessment Center to take their Computerized Placement Tests (CPTs) prior to meeting with an ODSS staff member, the Assessment Center staff may provide the Math Testing Referral Form to the student.  The form will direct the student to the ODSS office (517-483-1924) so that the student can arrange for an appointment with an ODSS staff member to provide the required documentation.

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