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Electronic Sign Request

The LCC "Jumbotron" is an excellent method to utilize in the promotion of an event or program. To help expedite the ordering and execution process through your division, please follow these steps:

Message Creator

  1. Create the message to be posted using LCC email following these guidelines.
    • You can generally use two “panels” or screens with up to nine  words on each panel. (Marketing may modify the content to fit.)
    • Identify the start and end dates for the message to be posted.
    • Remember to include the graphic file, if one is needed, in your e-mail message.
  2. Send the e-mail message to the department chairperson for approval.

Department Chairperson

  • Review the content presented in the e-mail request.
  • If you do NOT approved, notify the requestor that the message can not be posted.
  • If the content is approved as is, forward the email to William.
    • If necessary, modify the message contents in the e-mail then forward the e-mail to William.

William can be reached at:

Communications and Marketing at Lansing Community College

Communications and Marketing
Administration Bldg, Room 205
Phone: (517) 483-1842
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