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Lansing Community College - Main Campus

LCC Main Campus Map (printable version)

LCC Buildings Parking Lots
1 Administration Building (ADM) A Employee Parking
2 LCC Board Room B Employee Parking
3 Early Learning Children's Community D Special Permit Parking
4 Health and Human Services Building (HHS) E Accessible Parking
5 LCC Parking Ramp (StarCard and Cash) F Employee/Student Parking
6 Rogers-Carrier House (RCH) G Employee Parking
7 Herrmann House (HH) H Employee Parking
8 Dart Auditorium (DRT) I Student Employee Parking
9 Gannon Building (GB) J Employee Parking
10 Mackinaw Building (MB) L Employee Parking
11 Abel B. Sykes, Jr. Technology and Learning Center (TLC) M Employee Parking
12 Arts and Sciences (A&S) Z Special Permit/Accessible Parking
13 Continental Building (CB)    
14 LCC Outdoor Amphitheater    
15 University Center    
16 North Capitol Ramp (StarCard and Cash)    
17 Academic and Office Facility (AOF)    
18 Washington Court Place    
19 Shigematsu Memorial Garden