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Career Facts

Welding Technology Program

What is a welding technology?

Welding is the most common way of permanently joining metal parts. Heat is applied to metal pieces, melting and fusing them to form a permanent bond. Welding is used in automobile manufacturing and repair, shipbuilding, aerospace applications and other manufacturing activities. Welding is also used in constructing buildings, bridges and other structures and to join pipes in pipelines, power plants and refineries.  Welders plan their work from drawings or specifications or use their knowledge to analyze the parts to be joined.  They select and setup equipment, do the work, and examine the results.

What skills are required?

 Welders are expected to read prints, do proper fitting, welding, and inspection.  Welders  need good eyesight and hand-eye coordination as well as manual dexterity.   They should be able to concentrate on detailed work for long periods and be physically fit.  Courses in blueprint reading, shop math, mechanical drawing, physics, chemistry and metallurgy are helpful.  Knowledge of computers is becoming increasingly important.

Where are they employed?

Two out of three welding, soldering and brazing jobs are found in manufacturing. Jobs are found in transportation equipment manufacturing (motor vehicle body and parts and ship and boat building), machinery manufacturing (agriculture, construction and mining machinery), and architectural and structural metals manufacturing, piping industry and aircraft industry.

What degrees and certificates does LCC offer?

LCC offers an Associate in Applied Science degree and a certificate of achievement in welding technology, as well as a certificate of completion. There is an transfer agreement for a bachelor's degree from Ferris State University.

What is the average salary?

Median hourly earning of welders, cutters, solderers and brazers was between $16-$17 per hour in 2006. Skilled welders and certified welding inspectors can easily make $60,000 a year. As with all jobs, wages vary depending on education, experience and location.

Welding Technology Program at Lansing Community College

Applied Manufacturing Technologies
West Campus Room 103
Phone: (517) 483-5338
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