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How Do I Text a Question?

Text LCCLIB to 66746


  1. Compose a text message to 66746
  2. Start your message with LCCLIB
  3. Send your message and wait for a reply!

Example: LCCLIB what time do u close tonight

When Can I Text a Librarian?

You can text us whenever you like, but we will only reply during reference desk hours. When we're not available to answer, you will receive an automated response and we will answer your question the next time we are open.

What Type of Questions Should I Ask When Texting?

Use Text a Librarian to ask simple, quick questions (up to 160 characters) that can be answered in brief responses (up to 320 characters). If our responses exceed 160 characters, they will appear as two messages.

Example: LCCLIB When is the book club

What Do I Need to Use the Service?

You need a mobile phone which is enabled to send and receive text messages.

What Does the Service Cost?

We do not charge for this service, but charges from your cell phone provider may apply.

We will not be liable for charges assessed by your mobile phone provider for sending or receiving messages while using this service.

Do I Always Need to Include LCCLIB at the Beginning of My Questions?

No. You only need to include LCCLIB the first time you text us.

What About My Privacy?

Text a Librarian is private and secure:

  • Our Text a Librarian service by Mosio assigns a random User ID number to each patron.
  • Your phone number is never visible to us at any time.
  • Your phone number is never accessible by us.

Text the LCC Library

Have Questions?

Ask a Librarian by phone, email, chat, or a visit to the Library.

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