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Collection Development

Collection development is the process of planning, maintaining, and evaluating the library collection. At the LCC Library, collection development responsibilities are shared by Librarians and is guided by our Collection Development Philosophy and Guidelines.

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Scope of the Collection

In general, the focus of the collection is on introductory works and materials that supplement the college curriculum and present a general survey, with an emphasis on works aimed at lower division undergraduates. Works outside this scope are considered if they meet curricular needs.

With the exception of required texts for core courses, the Library prefers to supplement course materials, rather than buy material required for courses. Departments and programs are encouraged to provide course-specific resources for the Library's course reserve service.

Since the focus of the collection is on supplementing the college curriculum, the library collection does not support faculty research.

However, faculty are welcome to work with library staff to secure research materials via interlibrary loan and appropriate referrals.

The library collection reflects multiple formats that maximize access to content and address the needs of different learning styles. Increased emphasis is being placed on electronic resources which can be accessed on and off campus.

In addition, since LCC fosters cultural diversity and critical thinking, the library collection reflects cultural diversity and multiple--sometimes controversial--points of view.  A process has been developed for reconsidering a title in the Library's collection.

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Intellectual Freedom

Because access to a variety of viewpoints is essential to the development of critical thinking, the LCC Library supports the American Library Association's Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statement.

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The Library complies with the Copyright Act (Title 17 of the U.S. Code) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

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Liaison with User Groups

The Library encourages faculty, staff and student participation in recommending materials for the library collection. Library staff endeavor to promote close working relationships with LCC departments and programs. Faculty librarian liaisons are assigned to specific course subject areas.

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Resource Sharing and Cooperative Agreements

Since access to a larger resource environment benefits the LCC community, the Library participates in resource sharing and cooperative agreements that further the goal of supporting the college curriculum. Examples of cooperative agreements include MeLCat, interlibrary loan services, and cooperation with the Michigan Library Consortium.

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The Library accepts donated materials and will add them to the collection when they meet collection development criteria for purchased materials. Gifted materials not added to the collection will be added to the Library's annual used materials sale, the Big Book Bash.

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Withdrawal of Obsolete or Superseded Materials

LCC students will best be served by a library collection which reflects accuracy and currency. For this reason, the Library removes obsolete and superseded materials.

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