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Please select the appropriate date and time from the list below and type it in the Informational Meeting Date box.  NOTE: all information meetings are held on Wednesdays. If Wednesdays will NOT work for you, please contact our office at 517-483-9707 to schedule an alternate time.

  •  November 5, 2014 3-5pm

  • November 12, 2014 3-5pm

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* You are eligible for the program if you:

are between 16 and 19 years old

reside in Ingham County or Eaton County

have finished at least 1/2 of your high school credits

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High School Personnel

LCC Personnel

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Juvenile Justice System



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High School Diploma Completion Initiative at Lansing Community College

High School Diploma Completion Initiative
Mackinaw Building, Room 214
Phone: (517) 483-9707
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