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Desire2Learn: Crosslisting Request

Please fill in the information below if you wish to crosslist (i.e. combine) two or more course sections (CRNs) into a single course site.

  • Crosslisting will combine multiple CRNs into one existing course site. The existing course site, called the Active Course Site, will contain all student and Instructor enrollments.
  • The crosslisting process takes place overnight. Once the crosslisting request has been processed, users will see only the Active Course Site and will not see the additional CRNs that were crosslisted.
  • Content for the course should be added to the Active Course Site only.
  • Courses that are crosslisted must have the same Start and End Dates in the Student Information System (Banner).

If you have more than 9 CRNs to crosslist, please contact the eLearning Department at

* Indicates a required field for completion of the request.


Email Address *

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Department *

Course Code (ex. SPCH120) *

CRN for the Active Course Site *

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