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The Early LCC Preschool classrooms serve children ages 3-5, with 16 in each classroom. Children experience a variety of meaningful activities within a play-based, child-centered environment. Activities emerge from children's interests and abilities and allow for exploration and freedom of creative expression. They may be involved in long term projects based on the interests of individuals or the group.

Children are encouraged to investigate, problem solve, work together and direct their own learning with the help of their teachers. Using a variety of materials in the Studio, the children have the opportunity to represent what they are learning and to share their learning with others. These unique aspects of Early LCC's curriculum are a result of study by the staff in the Project Approach and Reggio Emilia Approach to learning.


Your preschooler's social, emotional, physical, creative and intellectual needs are met as they establish positive relationships with adults who plan learning activities based on their needs and development. Your child benefits from interactions with these adults and other children to develop a positive sense of self and an awareness and appreciation of individual characteristics.


Well-defined activity areas in each classroom include pretend play, blocks, books, writing, math, science, small construction toys, creative art, and music allowing your child to learn through play. Breakfast, snacks, lunch and rest time ensure that their physical needs are met. Our outdoor area will be nature-based and include areas for exploration, investigation and discovery. Community-based field trips are an important part of expanding your child's increasing interest in their world.

Family Partnerships

Developing partnerships with families allows us to work closely with you as we plan learning experiences based on your child's interests. Many opportunities are available for you to become involved in your child's program.

LCC Student Involvement

Early LCC is an academic setting for LCC students who plan to work with children. In addition to the two classroom teachers, supervised Child Development students participate in the classroom daily. This enhances the program as additional adults support the staff in meeting the needs of the children. Observation booths allow other students the opportunity to learn about children without disrupting the classroom learning environment.

It is through this sense of community among Early LCC staff, students, children and families that we are able to create the most positive early learning experience for young children.

Early Learning Children's Community at Lansing Community College

Early Learning Children's Community
601 North Washington Square
Phone: (517) 483-1100
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