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Curriculum Information

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Associate Degree


GIS/ Geospatial Technologies, AAS




Gainful Employment

GIS/ Geospatial Technologies, CA


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Course Offerings

Many of the courses listed below are offered at LCC throughout the academic year and can be taken to upgrade current skills or fulfill degree and certificate requirements.  Visit the Course Offerings page for information pertaining to courses available during a particular semester.

GRET 100 - GIS Principles & Applications
GRET 110 - Beginning ARC/GIS Desktop
GRET 120 - Advanced ARC/GIS
GRET 203 - Beginning MicroStation
GRET 210 - Global Positioning Systems
GRET 220 - Hydrological Systems
GRET 240 - Cartography in GIS
GRET 241 - Remote Sensing/AirPhoto Interpretation
GRET 260 - Automating Workflows in GIS
GRET 271 - Parcel Mapping
GRET 275 - GIS Project Management & Implementation

CITA 110 - Intro to Microsoft Office
CITA 133 - Microsoft Access Database
CITP 110 - Intro to Computer Programming

MATH 115 - Technical Math II

WRIT 121 - Composition I


GIS/Geographic Information Systems at Lansing Community College

Design and Construction Technologies
West Campus, Room M103
Phone: (517) 483-5338
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