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Working for the Good of For Profit
Laurie Lonsdorf
It's commonly understood that non-profit organizations are working for the good of the community providing programs and services that benefit the public. Their charity feeds the hungry and houses the homeless. They uplift us spiritually and challenge our thinking. They inspire us with arts and culture that make our cities livelier places to call home.  More > >  

Strategies for Workforce Wellness
Mark Stiles
Recently, Jane Aldrich, WLNS Anchor and JoyWorker, Mark Stiles of the Connections Television Show and Dr. Jean Morciglio, Dean of Community Education and Workforce Development from Lansing Community College, discussed how to increase health, wellness and happiness in the workplace.  More >>

The Role of Community Colleges in Economic Development
As our economy continues to evolve and change, so too must the vital role a community college plays in its development. While a community college cannot be all things to all people, it can rise to the challenge of contributing to the vitality of its community through its relationship with business and industry.  More >>

Tom DonaldsonDoes Your Business Have a Free Google Listing?
Here's a fact worth considering: 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. 
Another: 73% of all online activity is related to local content, according to data released by Google.  More >>


Cathy WilhmContinued Opportunities through Continuing Education
Today, Lifelong Learning is not just a tagline, it is a way of life.  Click more to read the full article by Cathy Wilhm, Director of the Center for Workforce Transition at Lansing Community College.  More >>


Bo GarciaEconomic Development through the Business and Community Institute
The Business and Community Institute at Lansing Community College provides our business community with a diverse range of workforce development solutions.  Click more to read to read the full article by Bo Garcia, Executive Director of the Business and Community Institute.
More >>


Dean MorciglioLinking Economic and Workforce Development
In the community college setting, workforce development typically refers to a college's role in predicting, identifying, responding to, and filling labor force gaps.  However today, all career related activities provided by the college should meet the criteria of developing skilled workers for middle or nigh wage positions.  Click more to read the full article by Dr. Jean Morciglio, Dean of the Community Education and Workforce Development Division.  More >>

Michigan Future Business Index
Conducted semi-annually since 2006, Michigan based Accident Fund Insurance Company of America queries businesses about future economic indicators. Click more to read the full article prepared by Marketing Resource Group, Inc.  More >>

Adrienne JenkinsSocial Media: Why You Can't Fall Off of the Bus if You are a Business Owner
Everyone that is anyone has heard about the power of social media when it comes to marketing your business.  But where do you start? Read about some easy ways for your business to begin building social media presence written by Adrienne Jenkins, Social Media and Email Marketing Expert.  More >>


Tom DonaldsonSurviving Progress: How to Survive a Construction Project
A road construction project can have major impact and threaten the survival of a restaurant or retail business.  Read about some tips to survive this challenging time written by Tom Donaldson, Regional Director of the Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center.  More >>

Trends in Publishing
A tidal wave of change is driving the publishing industry into a rising tide of both risk and potential.  The combination of the internet and eReader devices has changed the publishing landscape more in the past five years than we have seen in the previous fifty.  Read about these recent trends and how to adapt in an article written by Tom Donaldson, Regional Director of the Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center.  More >>

Campus Visits
Whether you are going to transfer to a local college or university, or one that is thousands of miles away, a campus visit should be near the top of your list.  Read about opportunities for various university campus visits and why they are important written by Carol Mader, Academic Advisor at Lansing Community College.  More >>

University CenterGot Transfer?  Sometimes it is More About the Questions than the Answers
So you have been at a community college for a while.  Yes you feel comfortable, but the time has come, and you feel the need to go somewhere else.  So how do you decide where to go?  Read this article by Eva Menefee, Lead Advisor at Lansing Community College, who answers some of the most important questions.  More >>

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