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Workshop Direct Links

Faculty Orientation

Desire2Learn Version 10: Content and Navigation

Desire2Learn Beginning Gradebook

My Experience as a MOOC Student!

Automate your Desire2Learn Content and Communication Based on Student Actions

Your Humorous Brain

Desire2Learn Online Quizzes

Help Your Students Stay on Schedule with Desire2Learn Checklists

Using Audience Response Devices "Clickers" to Enhance Instruction

Creating Lively Presentations with Prezi

Create a Collaborative Online Bulletin Board with Padlet

Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks!

Socrative: A Learner Response System without Clickers

Building Community in an Online Course

More Effective Quiz Management Using Respondus

Design Visually Appealing Content in Desire2Learn

Desire2Learn Gradebook: Scheduled One-on-One Sessions

Knowledge is Power - Discover LCC's 21st Century Library

A Living Teaching Space: Using the Arts & Sciences Building for Learning

Success Strategies for the Plus 50 Student

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Google: Using the Library’s New Search Tool

Accessibility Awareness with the Office of Disability Support Services: Best Practices, Tips, and Tools

Introducing the Media Sandbox Room for Faculty

Cool Tool - From PowerPoint to Civil Exam Prep: Skill Tutorials and Practice Tests

Cool Tool - Is the Right Word on the Tip of Your ... Eye? It is in the Visual Thesaurus

Cool Tool - Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes - It's all in Anatomy TV!

Cool Tool - Films on Demand

Cool Tool - No Shelf Required! Using eBooks

Conversations with Richard

Using Classroom Observations to Facilitate Collegial Discussions and Professional Growth

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