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Workshop Direct Links

Faculty Orientation

Desire2Learn Content and Navigation

Creating a Gradebook in Desire2Learn

Using Concourse to Manage Your Course Syllabus - Drop-in Sessions

Introducing the Teaching Technology Sandbox Room for Faculty

Preserving Desire2Learn Course Content and Exporting Grades Drop-in Sessions

Webinar: Add Online Interactivity Using ThingLink

Introduction to Course Design

Kaltura Basics

Blogs! What Are They and How Can They Help You and Your Students?

Critical Reading Strategies with Expository Text

Creating Professional OERs at the Digital Innovation Institute

Accessibility Awareness: Learning about Reasonable Accommodations with the Center for Student Access

Three Guiding Principles for Managing Hybrid Courses

Real Talk and Alternative Pedagogy Series, Part 1: An Introduction to At-Risk Students in Our Classroom and How to Reach Them

Ask Questions Using TurningPoint™ Clickers in the Classroom

Using YouTube and Google Images to Teach Logical Fallacies

Advanced Settings in Dropbox, Quizzes, and Discussions

Doodle with Me

Webinar: Using Padlet to Enhance Student Interaction

A Showcase of Web Gadgets

Help Your Students Stay on Schedule with Desire2Learn Checklists

More Effective Quiz Management Using Respondus

Real Talk and Alternative Pedagogy Series, Part 2: Authentically and Effectively Connecting with Students

Navigating the Spectrum: The ABC's of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

A Day in the Life: What It's Like to Be a Student at LCC

Learning to Use Graphics in Word and PowerPoint

IDEA/Campus Labs Drop-in Sessions

Simple Strategies for Writing Across the Curriculum

Animations in PowerPoint

Helping Students Write in Public Spaces

Real Talk and Alternative Pedagogy Series, Part 3: Learning to Create and Implement Engaging Alternative Lessons

15-Minute Field Trip

The Open Learning Lab: Beyond Open Textbooks

Google for Educators

Digital Photography for Educators

Automate your Desire2Learn Content and Communications Based on Student Actions

Implementing Synchronous Office Hours Using Adobe Connect

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