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Lesson 3: Banner Web Self-Service

Access to employee and faculty applications are found using Banner Web Self-Service, which is using the Banner link at the top of all myLCC pages. You are no longer required to login using your TUID and Banner PIN. To access, click on the Banner link at the top of any myLCC page.

Banner Link Image

You will find several options under the Employee tab. Pay Information and TimeSheet are discussed below.

Banner Self Service

Pay Information

You can view your past or present pay stubs, etc.

Time Sheet

Full and Part-time faculty do not need to submit a timecard. Any exception time, (i.e., meetings, course development, sick leave, etc.) will be submitted by a Department Timekeeper.

Full-time Faculty Lab Tech's will need to submit a Bi-Weekly Self-Service Timecard for standard hours and record any exception time (i.e., meetings, course development, sick leave, etc.)

Part-time Faculty Lab Tech's need to complete a Bi-Weekly Self-Service Timecard to record hours worked.

Training on how to create and submit a time sheet is available through the Learning Management System (LMS).

Faculty Services Tab

There are also several options available under the Faculty Services tab. Summary Class List and Final Grades are discussed below.

Class List

To access this page use the View Class Lists link in the Banner Self-Serve screen. Detailed instructions on viewing your class list are available in the CTE (TLC 324), as well as on the CTE website under Banner Viewing Class List.

Final Grades

Banner Enter Grades

Final grades for each class that you teach will need to be submitted using Banner. While access to the Banner Grade report form is available through the faculty services section of the Banner Self-Service screen, a grade widget is also available in the myLCC > Work tab. Click the icon to access the grade sheet for a particular class. Additionally, the icons provide the status information of grade entry for classes. Detailed instructions and assistance for entering final grades is available through the CTE in TLC 324.


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