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Lesson 4: Office 365

Office 365 is the email, calendar, and files system currently used at LCC. These systems can be accessed through myLCC, or by utilizing Microsoft Outlook.

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Email (

To access Office 365 Web email client, click on the Outlook Web link at the top of any myLCC page. Additional logins are necessary to access all of the Office 365 applications. It is recommended that Internet Explorer (version 7 and up) be used to access Office 365 applications.

In addition to Outlook Web email client, you can use Microsoft Outlook to access your LCC email:

  • If you have an LCC laptop, expect that Microsoft Outlook access will be setup on the computer when it is delivered to you.
  • If you are using an LCC computer on campus, call the Help Desk at (517) 483-5221 to have someone set up your Outlook profile for you.

**Please note there is a 24.57 GB email quota. Therefore, it is important to delete old emails and empty the trash often (Email in the trash basket contributes to the quota). Once your quota is reached, you will no longer receive email.

You can check your current email quota by clicking on the gear icon (top-right corner) and selecting Options in the resulting dropdown menu.

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Quicklinks Calendar

To access the Office 365 Calendar, click on the Calendar link at the top of the Outlook Web application.

In addition to the Office 365 web-based calendar, the calendar can be accessed using Microsoft Outlook (see previous page under Email).


Quicklinks Files

You store and retrieve files saved on the SharePoint Workspaces by clicking on the SharePoint link at the top of all myLCC pages. SharePoint is a "Web Cloud" service and files stored here are accessible anywhere on

Additionally LCC provides a network file system for saving working files. These files can be accessed using the Computer shortcut on your desktop whenever you are logged into the college network or have the college Virtual Private Network (VPN, Cisco Anyconnect) enabled when off campus.

For assistance with Office 365, please contact the Help Desk at (517) 483-5221.

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