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Sign Language / Interpreter Program

Graduating Class 2009

Since 1978

Since 1978 Sign Language/ Interpreter Training Program graduates of LCC have found employment in various sectors of both private and public enterprise as well as local and state government.

Students working on signing.Positions include those working with vocational rehabilitation, community service agencies, local school districts, gerontology,
the Peace Corps, self employment as free lance interpreters, social service agencies, communication facilities, college and universities.

Interpreting can be a very rewarding career and is a highly specialized skill. The most successful students are committed to acquiring ASL as a second language and are self motivated to seek social interaction within the deaf community to enhance their learning of American Sign Language.

As an interpreter, you can expect to go wherever a deaf person or hard of hearing person might need your services. For example, you may interpret in medical, legal, educational or other settings.

The Sign Language / Interpreter Program is spiraling curriculum. The rate at which a student completes the program varies according to each student's personal situation and individual characteristics such as motivation and learning styles.

Communication Dept

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