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Photographic Imaging Technology

Composition, Color, and Craftsmanship define today's digital photographer. If you enjoy taking photographs - consider making it a career or taking classes for personal interest.

Photographers need to have a good eye for composition, imagination, and creativity, as well as a good technical understanding of photography. The LCC Photo Program can help you achieve your personal and/or professional goals.

Photograph of Fan by Brian Kurtz

Photograph of Fan by Brian Kurtz, Adjunct Faculty

The LCC Photo Program offers 18 courses ranging from the basics of camera operations, electronic imaging programs, lighting, and color to advanced courses in commercial illustration photography, portrait photography, and photojournalism.

Whether you are an amateur photographer who wants to get better or you are an aspiring professional photographer, the LCC Photo Program can help you achieve your goals.

NOTE: To finish an Associate's Degree or Certificate in Photography in the shortest possible time, you must enroll in PHOT111, PHOT112, PHOT113, and ARTS 102 in your first semester.

Scott Sunken Garden in Lansing

LCC Photo Lights Up the Night

On Thursday, November 3rd a group of Lansing Community College photo students and friends gathered to light up the night for the photo program’s annual Shot in the Dark photo shoot. The site of this year’s night-time photo shoot was the Scott Sunken Garden in Lansing. 32 students, graduates, faculty and friends joined in the fun as they lit the Sunken Garden and surrounding landscape using off-camera flashes and flashlights. The process, known as Painting with Light, involves a tripod mounted camera with a long exposure while the participants use flashes and flashlights to illuminate the scene. This year’s 60 second exposure was captured using a Canon digital camera tethered to a laptop computer. Being able to review the resulting images on the laptop computer gave the group the ability to adjust the number of people and flashes in different areas of the garden to product an outstanding final image.

This is the seventh time since 2008 that the LCC photo program has coordinated a Shot in the Dark project. In 2014 Grand Ledge’s Lincoln Brick Park was the site of the night shoot and last year the group produced a unique image at Woldumar’s Moon cabin that included live models. Previous Shot in the Dark locations include Francis Park in 2012, The Mount Hope Cemetery in 2010, and the Turner-Dodge House in 2008. Special thanks to all the participants who helped to make the project possible.

Woldumar Nature Center’s Moon Log Cabin

    Woldumar Nature Center’s Moon Log Cabin was the location for the 2015 Shot in the Dark image produced by the LCC photography program. The annual event gathered together 27 students, faculty, alumni and friends to produce an outstanding image using a process called Light Painting. A tripod mounted camera captured the 3 ½ minute exposure as participants “painted” the scene using flashes and flashlights. This is the first time that costumed characters were included in one of the Shot in the Dark projects. Special thanks to the LCC costume shop for supplying the period costumes and to Woldumar Nature Center for their support of the project. This is the sixth Shot in the Dark image produced since 2008 with past locations including Lincoln Brick Park in Grand Ledge, Francis Park, Mt. Hope Cemetery and the Turner-Dodge mansion.

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