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Hiring Interns:

Starting an internship program at your organization can be extremely beneficial. Below you will find general information about starting an internship program. Click here to access LCC's complete Employer Toolkit. Please contact Becca Sowa, Internship Development Manager, 517-483-9810 or, for more information or questions.

* Benefits of an internship program:

  • Year round source of highly motivated pre-professionals

  • Provide the opportunity to train your organization's future workforce

  • Proven, cost-effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees

  • Students bring new perspectives to old problems

  • Visibility of your organization is increased on campus

  • Quality candidates for temporary or seasonal positions and projects.

  • Freedom for professional staff to pursue more creative projects

  • Flexible, cost-effective work force not requiring a long-term employer commitment

  • Your image in the community is enhanced as you contribute your expertise to the educational enterprise

* Five Steps to Developing an Internship Program:

  • Step 1: Set goals and policies for the internship program

    • Desired outcomes

    • Identify projects

  • Step 2: Write a plan for the internship opportunity

    • Goals, Timelines & job description

    • What can the intern be involved in?

  • Step 3: Recruit a qualified intern

  • Step 4: Manage the intern

  • Step 5: Conduct exit interviews and follow-up

Lansing Community College offers a free service to post internship opportunities on the CES JobLink website ( Click here for additional information.

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