CURRICULAR GUIDE

Airframe Maintenance Tech
Associate in Applied Science Degree

Curriculum Code: 0757  (Effective Fall 2002 - Summer 2007)

Airframe maintenance technicians maintain aircraft in accordance with Federal
Aviation Regulations.  Airframe technicians perform a wide variety of repairs
and alterations to sheet metal and composite aircraft structures.  In
addition, they inspect and repair or replace complex aircraft components
associated with hydraulic/pneumatic, communication/navigation, fuel and flight
control systems.  Aviation maintenance technicians are employed throughout the
world maintaining aircraft for major air carriers, commuter airlines, air
freight operators, corporate flight departments, fixed base operators and a
variety of other specialized aviation businesses.  Not all courses in this
program transfer to all colleges.  Students planning to transfer should see an
academic advisor or counselor before enrolling in any course.

Students should see Course Descriptions or Course Offerings for course
prerequisite information.  See the Assessment and Placement Testing section
for skills assessment and advising information.

General education is an important part of this program and includes a
mathematics competency requirement.  To fulfill the mathematics competency
requirement, students may need to complete specific course work in
mathematics.  See the General Education Core Requirements section for
information on how to fulfill these requirements.

Contact the Aviation Program at the LCC Aviation Center, telephone number
(517) 483-1406.

REQUIREMENTS                                                 TOTAL: 54 CREDITS
CODE        TITLE                                                 CREDIT HOURS
AVAF 125    Aircraft Systems I                                               2
AVAF 126    Aircraft Systems II                                              6
AVAF 127    Aircraft Systems III                                             3
AVAF 134    Aircraft Instruments                                             2
AVAF 208    Aircraft Structures I                                            4
AVAF 209    Aircraft Structures II                                           4
AVAF 210    Aircraft Structures III                                          3
AVAF 211    Aircraft Electrical I                                            4
AVAF 212    Aircraft Electrical II                                           4
AVAF 246    National Airframe Cert Proced                                    1
AVGM 111    Aviation General I                                               4
AVGM 112    Aviation General II                                              6
AVGM 113    Aviation General III                                             4
AVGM 114    Material and Processes                                           5
WELD 210    Aircraft Welding                                                 2

LIMITED CHOICE REQUIREMENTS                                  TOTAL: 12 CREDITS
Complete the indicated number of credits from each CHOICE listed below.

CHOICE 1:   General Education Core Areas                            12 Credits
(See the "GENERAL EDUCATION" section above)
            Writing Core Area                                                3
            Speech Communication Core Area                                   3
            Science/Technology Core Area                                     3
            Global Perspectives and Diversity Core Area                      3
            Mathematics Competency (See the General Education Core
            Requirement section on how to fulfill this mathematics
            requirement.  Course work may be needed.)

            MINIMUM TOTAL                                                   66

1.    Students must complete each course with a minimum grade of 71 percent
      and pass Pre-Tests for General and Airframe with a minimum grade of 80
      percent to be approved for the Federal Aviation Administration written

Students should see course descriptions to find out when departments plan to
offer courses.  Students who for any reason are unable to follow the course
sequence suggested below (for example, those who are part-time, have
transferred in courses from another school, or have prerequisites to fulfill)
should contact an academic advisor or counselor for help with adjustments.

I                 II                III               IV
AVGM 111          AVAF 125          AVAF 127          Lim.Ch.
AVGM 112          AVAF 126          AVAF 134          Lim.Ch.
AVGM 113          AVAF 208          AVAF 209          Lim.Ch.
AVGM 114          AVAF 211          AVAF 210          Lim.Ch.
                  WELD 210          AVAF 212
                                    AVAF 246