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Build Forward - Campus Renovations


Attention Students:

Student Service Departments and many classes have been relocated due to Gannon reconstruction. Click here for more information, or call 517-483-1957.

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Lansing Community College is undertaking a broad initiative that will transform teaching and learning on campus for decades to come. It is a sweeping vision grounded in the practical needs of our students - one that will enable them to pursue their educational and professional goals in settings that have been purposefully designed to help them perform at their best and to succeed in their academic programs.

These projects will fundamentally change the student experience by creating a variety of dynamic and adaptable teaching, learning, and support environments. They use research-based design principles that prioritize student engagement, achievement, and wellbeing and include:

  • Technology-rich classrooms, laboratories, and infrastructure
  • Student-centered commons areas that encourage learning beyond the classroom
  • Inviting environments for attracting and retaining students and enhancing campus-community connections

Together, these projects position LCC as a national leader in community college education, linking best practices in teaching and learning to the needs of Michigan employers and the expectations of baccalaureate-granting colleges and universities.

In our transfer and career programs, as well as in our partnerships with K-12 schools in mid-Michigan, the college is committed to providing students with a superior learning environment that effectively prepares them to participate in the knowledge economy.

"Start Here, Get There" is more than our slogan; it is a promise to our students that we intend to keep.

Economic Impact

These projects will infuse new money into the Lansing economy through construction expenditures, increased business volume, and jobs over the 30-month construction period.

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Build Forward