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Teams that Work

Strong interpersonal skills are essential in transforming individuals into exceptional performers who have a greater impact in their roles within the organization. This 20-hour, comprehensive program will help team members develop the vital skills necessary to communicate more effectively, work well as a team, resolve conflict,  and value others in the workplace.

Modules (See descriptions below):

Please note: Each module is 4 hours. Teams at Work is a pre-requisite.
* Communicating with Impact
* Navigating Beyond Conflict
* Working as a High-Performance Team
* Diversity and Inclusion
* Attitude is Everything


Communicating with Impact
You'll learn powerful interaction skills that will enable you to communicate more effectively with colleagues and customers and, in the process, build trust, strengthen partnerships, and achieve desired results.

Navigating Beyond Conflict
You'll learn to recognize signs of conflict, assess the conflict, and serve as a catalyst to encourage those involved in the conflict to achieve resolution.

Working as a High-Performing Team
This training teaches employees how their team can transform itself into a top-performing unit that significantly enhances its impact on the organization. Participants learn the personal, interpersonal, and business advantages of working in teams.

Diversity and Inclusion
You will develop the skills necessary to build an organization that values people from many backgrounds, encourages the skills and talents of your workforce, and grows employee participation and involvement in the organization.

Attitude is Everything
Creating and maintaining a healthy attitude is imperative to the success of an individual as well as an entire organization. A positive environment can increase productivity and improve morale, quality, customer satisfaction, etc. However, at any given time, there can be individuals or groups of individuals who delight in depositing their negativity here and there. If not detected and eliminated quickly, this attitude can spread throughout the organization with alarming speed. This program will provide participants with the tools to recognize when there is an attitude problem and the steps necessary to correct it.

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