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Three Point Selling

This course is an effective and ongoing sales process that uses your available resources and provides a plan/implement methodology of sales steps that include identification, approach, demonstration, closing and follow-up sales. The "three points" are a flexible and pertinent list of the three essential resources to use at each step of the sales cycle to leverage your positioning with a prospect or client and to increase your closing ratio and networking success.

Below is an example of Three Points to use when approaching a targeted prospect:

1.  A compelling service to offer and as a door-opener.
2.  A partner company who has complementing services.
3.  An internal champion at the target company who is familiar with your service.


At the completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Use Three Point Selling planning worksheets for their own sales opportunities.
  • Identify new or available resources.
  • Apply Three Point benchmarks to their sales funnel and cycle.
  • Better qualify prospects.
  • Increase sales and closing ratios.

Who should Attend:

Professionals involved in sales of products, services and programs. C-level executives, business owners, Sales VP/Director/Manager, experienced sales staff with two or more years experience.


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