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Core Proficiency Examination Process

Students can satisfy the General Education Core requirements for the areas of communication, global perspectives and diversity, mathematics, science, and writing by passing a Core Area Proficiency Examination where appropriate and available. Each exam is specific to a single core area and is administered for a fee in the Assessment Center.  Core Proficiency Examinations may only be taken once to satisfy the core area.

General Education Core Areas and Proficiency Examinations

  • Mathematics

  • Science

    • General Chemistry (CHEM 151/161) examination is available - Contact the Science Department for information.


  1. The student is advised to check with the department offering the examination prior to paying the required fee, for information pertaining to the proficiency examination, and available study materials.

  2. Each department offering a Core Area Proficiency Examination will provide students with information about available study materials, e.g., textbooks, study guides, etc. Students are advised to review all suggested materials prior to completing the examination.

  3. The format (essay, objective, portfolio, etc.) of the core proficiency examination will be determined by the department offering the examination.

  4. The student is required to pay a $50, nonrefundable fee at the Student Finance Office.

  5. Upon receipt of documentation indicating the fee has been paid, the proficiency examination will be administered in the Assessment Center.

  6. The Assessment Center staff will proctor the examination, and inform the department when the examination has been completed. The department will score the examination and notify the student of the examination results.

  7. Scores will be forwarded by the department offering the examination to the Assessment Center, and entered on the student's record (Banner, SOATEST) by the Assessment Center.

  8. The Core proficiency examination must be passed at a 2.0 (71%) level or higher.

  9. The examination answer sheets will not be returned to students or reviewed by them.

  10. Because the examination score/s will not appear on the student's transcript, but will be recorded in the student record system, students who successfully complete a core proficiency examination will be required to notify the Enrollment Services/Registrar's Office at the time they submit an application for diploma. The successful completion will be noted when the student's records are audited.

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CORE Proficiency Examination Process

CORE Proficiency Examination Authorization Form

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