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Assessment Center Guidelines for Faculty

Exam Delivery Requirements

  • Paper exams must be hand delivered to the Assessment Center (AC).  Faxed or mailed exams will not be accepted. Please contact your department office if assistance is needed with paper exam delivery.  The AC will not accept exams delivered by students who are enrolled in your class. We require one coversheet/test information sheet per exam.  Coversheets must be filled out completely and attached to each exam.  The AC will not assemble exam materials.
  • If using Scranton answer sheets with your exams, the Scranton answer sheets must be included with the test. Please contact your department for answer sheets.
  • Desire2Learn exam coversheets with no additional testing materials can be emailed directly to the Online Testing Support Office at  Detailed instructions on generating coversheets electronically can be found at:  Instructors can also contact the CTE department at 483-1680 for additional assistance.  Please provide exam password, the date the exam will be available, and the close date for the exam when emailing or dropping off Desire2Learn exams.  Please do not provide the exam password on the test coversheet.

Time Frames for Dropping off Online Course Exams

The AC requires online instructors to provide their exams to our office within 5 business days prior to the opening of the exam

The off-campus testers are the reason for the time frame.  In addition to our processing times, the student depends on the institution they are testing at to receive, process, and schedule their exams.  Online course students can test at an alternative test proctoring site if they live more than 60 miles from main campus.  They can also test at the Livingston Center for a fee if they live within 60 miles.

Expectations for Online Instructors

  • Drop you exams off within the time frames stated above.
  • Have your exams ready in Desire2Learn and coversheets at the AC on the start date.
  • Make sure your password works and has been given to the AC.
  • Provide accurate and adequate contact information (not the help desk or your department phone number) for possible AC follow up regarding test delivery issues.

Information for makeup exams from lecture courses

  • Limit of 5 exams per course section/per test.  Approval of additional exams must come from management or lead supports.
  • The AC will not send any makeup exams to off-campus testing locations

Information for exams from hybrid courses

  • The AC will note send any hybrid exams to off-campus testing locations

Information on picking up exams

  • The Online Testing Support Office will notify faculty via email when an off-campus exam arrives at the AC.  This will be a very generic email with limited detail
  • Instructors must pick up their completed exams at the AC.  The AC will not email, fax, or mail completed exams.  If you are unable to pick up completed paper exams, please contact your department for assistance.
  • The AC will contact the appropriate academic departments to pick up any exam materials left at the AC at the end of the semester.  Materials left at the AC will be sent to the departments prior to the start of the next semester.

Additional Information

  • The AC staff reserves the right to request photo identification when dropping off or picking up exams.
  • The AC will not administer exams past the deadline issued by the instructor.  Instructors are responsible for communicating extended deadlines to AC staff via email, phone call, or in person
  • The AC will follow the instructions on the test coversheet provided by the faculty member.  Any changes made to the test referral from must be done or requested by the instructor who submitted the test.
  • The AC will only receive and store exams to be proctored.  Any non exam-related documents (such as homework) will not be accepted.

Online Testing Support Office Contact Information


Phone: 517-267-5503


Download Form: Faculty Information

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