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Strategic Plan

In 2000, the LCC Board of Trustees unanimously adopted the College’s first strategic plan, which described the College’s vision, mission, motto, guiding principles, goals, areas of priority need, and strategic initiatives designed to assure LCC’s continued success in serving the learning needs of a changing community. The plan had a seven-year horizon and included a process for periodic renewals. The Board updated the plan in 2003, and engaged in a renewal process in 2005.

The key steps in LCC’s strategic planning and renewal process involve:

  • obtaining input from LCC’s stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, local employees, four-year institution partners, and community leaders, through surveys, planning workshops, and open forums;
  • conducting research and analysis on topics that are relevant to the well-being and improvement of the entire College and/or major divisions within it;
  • analyzing financial factors, such as five-year revenue/cost projections; and
  • reviewing the College’s quality improvement performance for instructional programs and operational systems.

In 2005, over 3,000 stakeholders provided input on the College’s existing strategic plan. Additional research and analysis was conducted on LCC’s competitive position; the impact of state and federal government policies and proposals, including trends in state funding; 21st Century job skills; student demographic trends and characteristics; priority community needs; the College’s quality improvement process, and a number of other areas identified as integral to the College’s future success. This qualitative and quantitative information was used to develop the 2006-11 Strategic Plan, which consists of Statements of Purpose, Strategic Drivers, Areas of Priority Need, Strategic Initiatives, and Results/Metrics. A summary of the plan follows.

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2013 Annual Report